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Updated on June 9, 1998



1. Dilip Mujumdar: (Son of Ratnakar and Swati Mujumdar) earned Bachelor's degree (with Honors) from Carnegie Mellon University in the fields of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering and Public Policy. In addition, he received the following awards:

· Association of Engineering colleges of Pennsylvania Award.

· Department's Research Award for his project.

· Department's Forestall Award for Excellence in Mechanical Engineering (for top score).

Dilip will pursue graduate studies at Georgia State University.


2. Priya Palekar: (Daughter of Sharad and Alka Palekar) earned Bachelor's Degree (with Honors) from Carnegie Mellon University in the field of Fine Arts and Vocal Performance (Music). In addition, she received the following awards:

· Carnegie Mellon Music Scholarship winner.

· Tuesday Musical Scholarship winner.

· National Association of Teachers of singing competition - First Prize winner.

· She was an Opera Studio Participant at American Institute of Medical studies in Graz, Austria.

Priya will pursue graduate studies in Arts Management at CMU.


3. Mona Bhadsavle: (Daughter of Anil and Pushpa Bhadsavle from Kittaning) earned Bachelor's Degree in Biology and Spanish from Washington and Jefferson college in Washington, PA. She has been playing volleyball for many years and her performance in women's volleyball enabled her college to get ECAC championship. In recognition of her contribution, the college held special ceremony to retire her jersey number.


The mandal congratulates these students and wishes them success in future endeavors.


4. Amit Karambelkar: (Son of Jagannath and Deepa Karambelkar) graduated from high school from Upper St. Claire school district. He will join Case Western University.

5. Shreyas Jatkar: (Son of Arun and Shobha Jatkar) graduated from Gateway High School. He will join George Washington University.

6. Shalmalee Kotwal: (Daughter of Deepak and Nirmal Kotwal) graduated from Winchestor Thurston School.


Mandal congratulates these High School Graduates and wishes them success in their future studies.


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