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Updated on August 3, 1998 

Maharashtra Mandal Executive committee meeting was held on July 17, 1998. Following were the few important decisions made in that meeting: 

1. Mandal will donate $51 to American Cancer Society in memory of Late Joanna Singh. Mrs. Singh helped us with establishing and registering the MM chapter and getting it a tax-exempt non profit organization status. She offered her services free of cost to us. 

2. Recently a severe cyclone hit the coast of Gujarat and caused large-scale destruction of life and property. Parts of Rajasthan were also affected by its devastation. Hindu Jain Temple Trust in Pittsburgh has established a relief fund to assists the rehabilitation of these cyclone-hit victims in Gujarat and Rajasthan. Money raised through raffles during the MM Diwali Program will be donated to this cause. Hindu-Jain Temple is also accepting individual donations. So, if you would like, please contact them. 

3. Maharashtra Mandal will try to get sponsors for its various programs. If you would like to sponsor an event or the part of the program, please contact our treasurer Seema Patkar. Dr. and Mrs. Pandit have decided to sponsor our Ganesh Chaturthi Program. 

4. Mr. and Mrs. Dharmadhikari have donated a Coffee Pot in memory of Mr. Dharmadhikari's father. Thank you very much. 



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