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Updated on October 1, 1998 

News Letter (October 1998)

1. Our sincere thanks to Dr. and Mrs. Pandit for sponsoring in part our Ganesh Chaturthi Program. 

2. Integral Startegies, Inc. has decided to sponsor in part our Diwali Program.  Our sincere thanks to Mr.  Girish Godbole and family and Mr. Sunil Patil and family. 

3. Maharashtra Mandal will select its executive committee for next year (1998-99) during its Diwali program.  Nomination forms were distributed along with the recent news letter.  Please return your completed and signed nomination form to Dr. Gopalrao Kulkarni (Chairman, Nomination committee) by October 15, 1998. 

4. Membership dues for next year (1998-99) can be paid during the Diwali program.  

Member News

If you would like to include something of your own on this news board , please contact Mukul Renavikar.